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In other words, please stop trying to spam this site.  It’s jibberish to us and we don’t care. Your comments will never be approved.

$25 for $50 Worth of Sushi at Kyu Sushi

Here’s a great deal for the sushi aficionado (and price conscious shopper) via Groupon: for a limited time you can get $25 off your meal at Kyu Sushi if you spend $50 or more. Chicago Tiger Sushi has never been to Kyu, so we can’t recommend (or not recommend) them as a restaurant, but 50% off is hard to pass up. We may be heading down there soon!

Note: after purchase, the coupon is good until 08/25/2010.  Visit Groupon for more details.

Extended Shelf Life for Sushi

With ‘fast food’ sushi being increasingly sold in grocery and convenience stores, naturally stores would want sushi to have a good shelf life in order to minimize discarding unsold sushi that is past it’s expiration date. Hefestus Ltd. developed a way to extend the shelf life of fresh sushi with custom-made top-sealing packaging machines. Read more about it in this Food Magazine article.

Sushi with a Twist

Mark’s Daily Apple, a ‘primal lifestyle’ website, features a recipe for modified sushi: one that uses sliced meat, such as roast beef, instead of rice. Check out the recipe and final result here.

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Duane Reade Sushi

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Photo Source:

Duane Reade, for Chicagoans unfamiliar with the name, is a New York chain drug store, much like Walgreens or CVS in Chicago. Although here, Duane Reade announces that they have “accepted an offer to become part of Walgreens.” In any case, Chicago Tiger Sushi reported that 7-Eleven stores have carried sushi and now Duane Reade joined the trend. An article from the Village Voice is titled: “Duane Reade’s Sushi: We Tried it so You Don’t Have to,” which gives an indication as to the quality of their product. The author recommends sticking with Pringles and beer instead.

5-in-1 Sushi Maker Sushi Master Plus

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Chicago Tiger Sushi recently came across the 5-in-1 Sushi Maker Sushi Master Plus (and no, not in a 3AM infomercial shown after South Park reruns) and wanted to share the product with it’s readers. This device assists in easy sushi preparation at home, including making heart-shaped sushi – just in time for Valentine’s Day. It can be directly bought from the CyberBrands website.

Source: CyberBrands

Raw Food Goes to the Dogs

Photo Source: Solo SEO

In an online article, Trendhunter Magazine highlights specialty stores that feature raw food sushi bars for pets, such as: 

Dog Sushi in Austin
Pussy & Pooch’s ‘Pawbar’ in Los Angeles

Wasabi Smoke Alarm

Photo Source: Stafford Volunteer, VA Fire Department

To warn deaf people of fire, scientists in Japan developed a smoke detector that puffs a wasabi scent instead of sounding an alarm.

So, if the smell of fire won’t wake your senses, the wasabi scent is said to wake you in two and a half minutes.

Source: Newslite

Sushi Etiquette Video

This is an instructional video of sorts about the Japanese tradition of eating sushi.

A bit of commentary on the video and additional sushi discussion is found in this Mail & Guardian Online article.

Sushi Train Restaurant & Game

Photo Source: Japan Trend Shop

Photo Source: Japan Trend Shop

This replica N700 Series model shinkansen train set is intended for the dinner table, where it is set up to either deliver a fresh sushi dinner to you or be a toy train set that transports plastic sushi.

Source: Japan Trend Shop
Thanks for the article link, Shannon.