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Chicago TIGER Sushi consists of the following three people:

Princess Monishimi (aka: Monica)

Monica grew up on the northwest side of Chicago. She was raised on ham sandwiches, spaghetti, Little Caesars crazy bread (with crazy sauce) and ate fresh spinach from her parent’s garden. In college she enjoyed many Pokey Sticks dipped in ranch dressing and ate at Empire Chinese. Her post-collegiate diet has included Rosaria’s Pizza, nutella, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese danishes, Penny’s Noodle, home-grown tomatoes and most fashionably, sushi.

Monica dislikes squash, cantaloupe, cucumbers most of the time and Olive Garden.

Hobiko (aka: Hobbes)

Hobiko was born in Chicago. He prefers nigiri sushi and eats it with his fingers.

He insists that this is the way to do it, but generally fails to convince anyone.

Hobiko is a bit of a geek, and he likes sushi because it is modular, like lego.

Andutakusan (aka: Andy)

Your name is Andy. You have been a member of Chicago TIGER Sushi since its inception in 2008. You like Spicy Salmon rolls, Super Fatty Tuna, fuel efficient cars, and aggressive women. You were raised on the northwest side of Chicago but now live in Edgewater. In your spare time, you like to toy around with the makeshift fusion reactor in your basement, and you’ve been known to dabble in time travel.

Turn to page 37 to order a maki roll.
Turn to page 93 to detonate your fusion reactor.