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Swordfish (Batavia) Review – July 2010

207 North Randall Road
Batavia, IL 60510

For a change of pace, Chicago Tiger Sushi trekked to the western suburbs of Chicago through rain, rainbows, and tollbooths to convene at Swordfish in Batavia, IL. For those not familiar with Batavia, it’s in the western suburbs, not far from Aurora.  Our first impression of Swordfish was that the restaurant was modern, roomy, and well laid-out.  The waitstaff was friendly and the sushi chefs gave a warm greeting as we walked by, as though we were old friends reconnecting on Facebook.  Overall, it was a welcoming atmosphere.

Most of the waitstaff were wearing headsets, which seemed odd (as it wasn’t terribly crowded) but then again, if it helps them get the sushi out faster, we can’t complain.  Our waitress offered us tightly rolled towels which swelled when placed in hot water.  For appetizers, we ordered edamame and Dragon Eyes: mushrooms stuffed with seafood and topped with a spicy sauce.  The Dragon Eyes were served warm from the kitchen and had a definite kick to them.

When our food arrived, each plate had an individual tea light candle encircled in a thin swatch of wax. Decorative carrots were artfully crafted into swan shapes.  The chopsticks were the standard wooden variety attached at one end.  The music was eclectic and oddly middle-eastern-sounding at times– not your typical sushi restaurant soundtrack, but overall it wasn’t too distracting.

Food Ordered:


  • Atlantic Salmon, Yellowtail, Red Snapper Nigiri – The fish was tender and fresh.  The pieces of fish were a little large for my tastes.  4 stars.
  • Rainbow Roll – This was a standard presentation: 8 pieces of maki with multiple types of fish on the outside of the rice.  Although the fish was again tender, overall there was not a lot of flavor.  Perhaps the roll could have used green onions or more wasabi.  3 stars.


  • Atlantic Salmon & Yellowtail Nigiri – Unlike Hobiko, I was pleasantly surprised by the large pieces of fish.  More bang for the buck!  4.5 stars
  • Ocean Drive Roll – The presentation was excellent and the roll was enormous (as it should be, since it cost $18).  It was filled with yellow tail, tuna, green pepper and cilantro, which was refreshing and distinctive, but it had too much rice for my tastes.  The soy bean paper was unique.  3.5 stars


  • Soft-Shell Crab Roll – A little too salty and oily for my taste. The soft shell crab could have been crisper. The flavor was rather bland. 2.5 stars
  • Ocean’s 13 Roll- There were 13 large pieces to this order. Soy bean paper was used instead of seaweed, and four kinds of fish (tuna, salmon, super white tuna, snapper) were featured. The flavor combination was solid, but the rice was a little too soft. It was a filling plate of food. 4 stars

Beverages: The menu had an extensive variety of wine, beer, and sake.  We ordered Kirin Lights.

Bathrooms: Clean and adequate.

Menu: The menu was deep, large, and orgasmic.  We had sex all night with the menu.  But seriously, it was an extensive menu with some unusual rolls.  Some examples being the beef roll, which we had never seen before, and two rolls with melted mozzarella.


Four stars on food alone, but only 3.5 stars when taking price into account.  Even though we didn’t order much alcohol, the final tab still came to over $40 per person (including tip).

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