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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Kotobukiya Chopsticks

Kotobukiya is a world renown manufacturer of collectible items such as toys and statues. Already in their product line are Lightsaber Chopsticks. According to Zone Otaku, new to their line are three varieties of Samurai Sword Chopsticks named after Japanese samurai: Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura and Maeda Keiji. The release date for the new chopstick […]

Cuisine of the First Decade of the Century

In this AP/Canadian Press article (the two articles have different sources, but appear to have the same text), the author reviews foodie happenings of the last decade. One of these is 7-Eleven delving into the world of sushi. Previously unbeknownst to this Chicagoan and infrequent 7-Eleven patron, it looks as though 7-Eleven stores in Southern California […]

Genji Sushi Launches Eco-Friendly Sushi Trays

Genji Sushi, in collaboration with Be Green Packaging LLC, has developed the world’s first fiber-based, tree-free compostable sushi trays that will be used at Whole Foods Market stores. The trays are made from bulrush, also known as cattails. Cattails are said to be sustainable because the common plant rapidly and abundantly regenerates. The cattails are harvested in southeastern China, […]

Christmas Dessert Sushi

Blogger Kerstin Sinkevicius has created a recipe for Christmas Dessert Sushi in which (green) kiwi and (red) strawberries are wrapped in coconut sticky rice and a chocolate “seaweed” cookie dough wrapper.   Source: Cake, Batter, and Bowl

Gifts for Your Holiday

Sushi continues to be an inspiration for products, such as these sushi mini magnets featured in Think Geek, California Roll sushi candles courtesy of Double Brush, a sushi slicing play set by Melissa & Doug, a sushi shower curtain from Archie McPhee and the O-No Food Company’s factory fresh pre-packaged organic sushi.

Candy Sushi

Chicago TIGER Sushi recently came across a recipe for making candy sushi. Many website recipes seem to have been inspired by the treats made at Koo-ki Sushi, which is now closed. Here is a sampling of recipes that were found, some using a rice krispy base and another using Twinkies. Source: Brownie Points Source: Source: Not Martha

Sushi Case for iPod Shuffle

Incipio introduces limited edition sushi cases for the iPod shuffle that come in three varieties: tuna, squid and salmon. No matter how realistic this sushi looks, the manufacturer warns that the product is not edible. Source: Incipio

Sushi Booties & Slippers

Etsy seller ‘sushibooties’ sells sushi booties and slippers, among other sushi-inspired crafts such as an iPod case, a dog costume and children’s socks. Source: sushibooties via Etsy

Get Seafood Watch Recommendations on your iPhone

The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers an iPhone app so that: “Now you can make sustainable seafood choices quickly and easily—whether you’re eating at your favorite restaurant or shopping for dinner. And at a time when the world’s oceans are severely overfished, your seafood choices make a big difference.” While on the topic of iPhone apps […]

Astronauts Looking Forward To ‘Space Sushi’

“As an international trio of astronauts prepares for a short trip to the International Space Station later this month, they took a time-out this week from their busy training schedule at the Star City cosmonaut training center outside Moscow to talk with reporters about some the finer details of the mission. “We can’t wait for […]