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10 Inedible Sushi Products

Chicago TIGER Sushi readers are already familiar with some of these products, but in this collection of items featured on Gadget Sharp, some sushi-inspired wares have not been previously identified, such as sushi jewelry and lego sushi pictured below.

Sustainable Sushi Restaurants

Although these restaurants are not in Chicago, it is worth noting that there are restaurants that offer sustainable sushi menus. This article in Slashfood identifies these three as sustainable sushi restauants: Tataki in San Francisco, CA Bamboo in Portland, OR Mashiko in Seattle, WA

The Ex-Lax Fish

“A bycatch of tuna, escolar is often referred to as ‘white tuna’ on sushi menus, as is the more common albacore. But the buttery fish is actually a kind of snake mackerel, a deep-sea bottom-feeder full of a wax ester that accounts for its dreamy velvety texture. Unfortunately, that oil is not digestible by humans […]

Young Designer on a Roll

Mimi Tin has created a line of sushi furniture and is profiled in this New York Times article. From her website: “Sushi Style is a brand new line of high-end functional ottomans that have the look of meticulously prepared sushi. Silk thread is woven on supple fabric to create the illusion of delicate sushi fillings. […]

The Tank-Bred Tuna

Making Time magazine’s list of “The 50 Best Inventions of 2009″ is tank-bred tuna. This is a breakthrough idea because: “Others have gotten Pacific bluefin to spawn and grow in ocean cages, but by coaxing the notoriously fussy southern bluefin to breed in landlocked tanks, Clean Seas may finally have given the future of bluefin […]

Ukihashi Chopsticks

“Simple, elegant, and practical, these special chopsticks (“hashi” in Japanese) are designed to keep their tips from touching the table so there’s no need for a choptstick rest. The table stays clean, ensuring that the only thing that touches your chopsticks is the food you’re about to enjoy. A graceful addition to the epicurean lifestyle.” […]

Sushi Often Not What You Think

“When you eat sushi, you can unknowingly get a critically endangered species on your plate,” said Jacob Lowenstein, a graduate student affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History in New York and Columbia University. “But with an increasingly popular technique, DNA barcoding, it is a simple process for researchers to see just what species […]

Insect Sushi

Japanese chef Shoichi Uchiyama has specialized in insect cuisine, including insect sushi. Read some of his thoughts on insects and check out a few recipes in this Telegraph article. His blog has examples of the insect sushi he has prepared here, here and here. There is a collection of insect sushi photos here at Halohalo.

How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice

“Sushi, like most Japanese things, is made using exact skill and precision. But don’t let this scare you from making your own at home.” Source: Creative Loafing