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Eau de Sushi

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Demeter® Fragrance Library is selling the perfect gift for someone who likes sushi so much that they want to smell like it.

Glowing Sushi

GloFish® are not a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, but instead are bred to glow. From the website: “GloFish® fluorescent fish were originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants.” The use of GloFish® has expanded from science to decorative use in aquariums to food, like sushi:               Sure, there are potential issues associated with these […]

Chicago Tiger Sushi Responds to our Russian Fanbase!

Просьба прекратить попытки спама этом сайте. Это jibberish к нам, и мы не заботимся. Ваши комментарии не будут одобрены. Все ваши базы принадлежат нам. Мы едим панды и суши. У вас была опухоль мозга на завтрак? Cougars! In other words, please stop trying to spam this site.  It’s jibberish to us and we don’t care. Your comments […]

Extended Shelf Life for Sushi

With ‘fast food’ sushi being increasingly sold in grocery and convenience stores, naturally stores would want sushi to have a good shelf life in order to minimize discarding unsold sushi that is past it’s expiration date. Hefestus Ltd. developed a way to extend the shelf life of fresh sushi with custom-made top-sealing packaging machines. Read more about it in this Food Magazine […]

Raw Food Goes to the Dogs

In an online article, Trendhunter Magazine highlights specialty stores that feature raw food sushi bars for pets, such as:  Dog Sushi in Austin Pussy & Pooch’s ‘Pawbar’ in Los Angeles

Wasabi Smoke Alarm

To warn deaf people of fire, scientists in Japan developed a smoke detector that puffs a wasabi scent instead of sounding an alarm. So, if the smell of fire won’t wake your senses, the wasabi scent is said to wake you in two and a half minutes. Source: Newslite

Sushi Train Restaurant & Game

This replica N700 Series model shinkansen train set is intended for the dinner table, where it is set up to either deliver a fresh sushi dinner to you or be a toy train set that transports plastic sushi. Source: Japan Trend Shop Thanks for the article link, Shannon.

Sushi Ville

App Shopper brings our attention to an app for a game in which a player eats sushi for points. Source: App Shopper

Tiger Sushi Tray

The Columbia Missourian featured a story about a sushi tiger mosaic that was created by Jina Yoo’s Asian Bistro in Columbia, MO for a MU football spring recruitment dinner. A video shot during the making of the mosaic is included in the article. Source: Columbia Missourian

Sushi Go Round

Sushi Go Round is a video game in which you are a sushi chef responsible for making rolls in a timely manner to keep customers happy and to maintain a good business. SouthPeak Games is releasing the title for the Nintendo DSTM and WiiTM game systems in February 2010. In the meantime, play the original game […]