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Record-Breaking Sushi

You’re going to need a good amount of soy sauce and wasabi as well as a giant pair of chopsticks as accompaniments to this whale of a sushi roll. TreeHugger reports (via the World Records Academy) that the Umewaka Restaurant in Japan has the world’s largest sushi roll on its menu, a roll made with over 24 ingredients like egg, vegetables and a […]

Tiger Sushi Tray

The Columbia Missourian featured a story about a sushi tiger mosaic that was created by Jina Yoo’s Asian Bistro in Columbia, MO for a MU football spring recruitment dinner. A video shot during the making of the mosaic is included in the article. Source: Columbia Missourian

Sushi TV Dinner

Nicco Foods is marketing a new frozen food product: sushi. Nigiri salmon rice balls, nigiri prawn, nigiri surimi, maki cucumber and more are available in 28- and 36-piece packs. The sushi is microwaveable and is said to be ready to eat 10 minutes after leaving the freezer. Source:

Cuisine of the First Decade of the Century

In this AP/Canadian Press article (the two articles have different sources, but appear to have the same text), the author reviews foodie happenings of the last decade. One of these is 7-Eleven delving into the world of sushi. Previously unbeknownst to this Chicagoan and infrequent 7-Eleven patron, it looks as though 7-Eleven stores in Southern California […]

Astronauts Looking Forward To ‘Space Sushi’

“As an international trio of astronauts prepares for a short trip to the International Space Station later this month, they took a time-out this week from their busy training schedule at the Star City cosmonaut training center outside Moscow to talk with reporters about some the finer details of the mission. “We can’t wait for […]

The Ex-Lax Fish

“A bycatch of tuna, escolar is often referred to as ‘white tuna’ on sushi menus, as is the more common albacore. But the buttery fish is actually a kind of snake mackerel, a deep-sea bottom-feeder full of a wax ester that accounts for its dreamy velvety texture. Unfortunately, that oil is not digestible by humans […]

The Tank-Bred Tuna

Making Time magazine’s list of “The 50 Best Inventions of 2009″ is tank-bred tuna. This is a breakthrough idea because: “Others have gotten Pacific bluefin to spawn and grow in ocean cages, but by coaxing the notoriously fussy southern bluefin to breed in landlocked tanks, Clean Seas may finally have given the future of bluefin […]

Sushi Often Not What You Think

“When you eat sushi, you can unknowingly get a critically endangered species on your plate,” said Jacob Lowenstein, a graduate student affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History in New York and Columbia University. “But with an increasingly popular technique, DNA barcoding, it is a simple process for researchers to see just what species […]

Obama Sushi!

“The ‘Obama Sushi’ made by an exceptionally creative sushi chef pays tribute to America’s 44th president in a most unusual – and dare I say, tasteful – manner. “ Source: Inventor Spot (via Japanator, Dixiworld, original Japanese page at MSN-Japan)

A Sushi Wedding Cake

2007 June 03 – “Jef and Jin Yoon like sushi–a lot. We missed their wedding, but I promised them we’d have a festive reception for them in Boston when they got back from their honeymoon. Jef requested sushi, which was neither a surprise nor a problem. I wanted to do something different, though, and a […]