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Glowing Sushi

GloFish® are not a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, but instead are bred to glow. From the website: “GloFish® fluorescent fish were originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants.” The use of GloFish® has expanded from science to decorative use in aquariums to food, like sushi:               Sure, there are potential issues associated with these […]

How to Make Tamago (Japanese Omelette)

An unnamed Japanese master chef demonstrates why Tamago is such an art form: Complete with recipe! Tamago nigiri is considered by some to be the ultimate test of a sushi chef. The perfect tamago will have the right texture, a delicate layered structure, and just a hint of sweetness. Now that you’ve watched the video, […]

Peep Sushi

Photo Source: Happy Easter to our readers celebrating the holiday today.

Sushi with a Twist

Mark’s Daily Apple, a ‘primal lifestyle’ website, features a recipe for modified sushi: one that uses sliced meat, such as roast beef, instead of rice. Check out the recipe and final result here.

5-in-1 Sushi Maker Sushi Master Plus

Chicago Tiger Sushi recently came across the 5-in-1 Sushi Maker Sushi Master Plus (and no, not in a 3AM infomercial shown after South Park reruns) and wanted to share the product with it’s readers. This device assists in easy sushi preparation at home, including making heart-shaped sushi – just in time for Valentine’s Day. It can be directly bought from […]

Tiger Sushi Tray

The Columbia Missourian featured a story about a sushi tiger mosaic that was created by Jina Yoo’s Asian Bistro in Columbia, MO for a MU football spring recruitment dinner. A video shot during the making of the mosaic is included in the article. Source: Columbia Missourian

Bandai’s Anpanman Sushi Maker

This Bandai device is a toy that children (or adults) can use to make sushi rolls, that are then sliced and embellished to resemble the faces of characters from the Japanese children’s anime series Anpanman. Source: Technabob

Christmas Dessert Sushi

Blogger Kerstin Sinkevicius has created a recipe for Christmas Dessert Sushi in which (green) kiwi and (red) strawberries are wrapped in coconut sticky rice and a chocolate “seaweed” cookie dough wrapper.   Source: Cake, Batter, and Bowl

Candy Sushi

Chicago TIGER Sushi recently came across a recipe for making candy sushi. Many website recipes seem to have been inspired by the treats made at Koo-ki Sushi, which is now closed. Here is a sampling of recipes that were found, some using a rice krispy base and another using Twinkies. Source: Brownie Points Source: Source: Not Martha

How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice

“Sushi, like most Japanese things, is made using exact skill and precision. But don’t let this scare you from making your own at home.” Source: Creative Loafing